About The Band


Georgie is a familiar face on the local gigging circuit, and has years of experience doing gigs and functions of all types and brings an infectious enthusiasm to every performance which never fails to get a crowd on their feet and the party swinging.



George has joined us as our lead guitarist, the youngest member of the band, getting the vocals together well.



Clive is a veteran drummer of many bands and provides a rock solid foundation to the band. He’s able to play in many styles but his performance of Wipeout, found on our See And Hear The Band page is not to be missed.



Rick is the band’s bass player and keeps the groove going that keeps feet on the dance floor. A recent  member of the band, he has fitted in well and improved the overall dynamic of the band’s performances.



Dave is Mustang Sally’s keys player, and he adds a layer of polish to the song which is unmistakable. He also provides backing vocals on most song, as well as taking lead vocals on Rock and Roll numbers which is especially good at, offering contrast and variety to the band’s set.

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